Why Our Soups

The Problems with most purchased soups:

  • The majority of restaurant soups contain preservatives and artificial flavour enhancers. They are not the real deal for mineral and amino-acid dense bone broth soups. They lack the nutritional benefits of collagen, gelatin, glucosamine, or chondroitin and they are not the best way to benefit from fresh vegetables and traditional Chinese herbs.
  • Pre-made soups found in supermarkets are packed with preservatives which ensures the product has a long shelf life. Ingredients can go stale and lose their nutritional benefit by the time you consume them.
  • Commercial soups often save time and cost by either not cooking the soup long enough or making a concentrate and then adding water to it. You miss out on getting the maximum health benefits that our soups can offer you.

How these Soups will Enrich your Wellbeing

  • Bone broth soups are traditional Chinese remedies that were created to help keep your body young and healthy. Our bone broth soups not only contain the minerals and nutrients you need daily, but also a blend of traditional Chinese herbs designed to detox your body, boost brain function, and balance your spirit.
  • The Chinese have long recognized that medicine and food share the same origins and purpose. Food is medicine; medicine is food. Specific foods are cooling while some are warming; they serve the purpose of balancing our bodies through seasonal changes. 
  • Our long-simmered bone soups help release natural amino acids, minerals, collagen, gelatin, glucosamine and chondroitin into the broth that is easily digested.
  • Our bone soups are prepared with carefully selected pairings of herbs, vegetables, meat or seafood to provide the best nutrients you need. 
  • Membership allows you access to our soothing soups without the time and fuss of preparing them. We balance ingredients to the seasonal needs of our bodies.

We deliver direct to you, bypassing distributors or retailers to ensure you get fresh, premium natural good soups straight to your kitchen.